Urtak Status

Goodbye for now

We started Urtak with the goal of creating a new form of public opinion research.

We believe that people should not only have access to opinion information, but that they should actively engage in its creation. We believe that the right to ask questions should belong to everyone, not just the select few. We believe that no one should be told what they believe, and that everyone should have access to the results of the research process, so that all may draw their own conclusions. As of today, more than two million people from practically every country in the world have asked and answered questions with Urtak.

The Urtak poll was the first research tool to turn the traditional survey from a top-down to a many-to-many, collaborative experience. By demanding the right to ask questions on behalf of all participants, we created the possibility of truer understanding. Because if you do not know what a group of people think, how can you possibly know which questions to ask them? No polling tool or opinion research company has ever overcome this logical contradiction, and it is for this reason that the standards in the research industry are so low, and its output so unimpressive.

By creating a new way to exchange opinions, we hoped to help create a quantifiable, accessible, and transparent encyclopedia of global public opinion. For without an understanding of global public opinion, global democracy is impossible.

Unfortunately, for the present time, we have not been able to achieve these goals. Our current reality is that we must now pause the work of developing and distributing Urtak polls in order to reflect, revise, and relaunch our project on a winning trajectory.

As a result, we are announcing today that as of next Friday the 20th, we will be suspending our service. No new polls will be able to be created and the results interface will be inaccessible. Existing, embedded, polls will cease to load. We understand that this may cause an inconvenience, and we welcome your questions and impressions. Every message sent to info@urtak.com will receive a reply from us. We will also be updating this blog with relevant news as we are able to share it.

The decision to suspend our service is one that we do not take lightly and that causes us great pain. We have spent more than five years dedicated to the idea of an open and democratic public opinion industry. We intend to continue this fight. While we have no choice but to turn out the lights on Urtak, we can say with certainty that this is not a farewell, but instead a goodbye for now.

Goodbye for now